Board Of Directors

* Kemi Jacobs        * Maureen Henry        * Abu Jammeh        * Cynthia Kwakyewah      * Shawnee Hardware        * Sipho Kwaku

Kemi Jacobs – Chair

Kemi attended the first orientation meeting of CAFCAN and she immediately stood out as a leader. Her submission of application and CV were among the documents supported that fact. She has the change management experience, which has served CAFCAN well as chair in leading the new board of directors that have guided CAFCAN thus far. Of great strategic importance, was the fact that she had no prior JCA legacy experience which could have overshadowed some of the decisions made for CAFCAN. She is very culturally invested and excited to help CAFCAN be successful. Kemi has worked as an Executive Director in social services, hence understand the requirements of funders for accountability, reporting and meeting project requirements. She was also a director at Toronto Community Housing, where she managed a very large staff compliment. Kemi’s management, strategic planning, programming and communications experience represent tremendous assets to CAFCAN. She is very engaged in the community and understands what the social services needs are. Her management experience will be useful in supporting the board of directors and overseeing the operations of CAFCAN.

Maureen Henry – Vice-Chair

Maureen Henry is a passionate community activist, who has demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges and imperatives for the target community and will be an immense asset to the CAFCAN board. Maureen Henry an Employment Counsellor with-in the Non- Profit Sector and also a past board member of Community Microskills Development Centre over 15 years. Maureen Henry previously worked at Citi Financial Services for 15 years where she was a Loan and Mortgage Officer. She brings to CAFCAN an understanding of board functions, significant experience in a prominent social services environment and extensive skills in capacity building and development. She also has volunteered at various organizations including COSTI and Opportunity for Advancement. Maureen is very personable and identifies well with a key demographic of CAFCAN’s target constituency. She has served in different roles on several boards and has experience working on proposals and managing fundraising initiatives. Maureen is skilled in communication technology and has the word processing and business environment competences to serve the CAFCAN Board.

Abu Jammeh – Treasurer

Abu Jammeh is an auditor at a midsize public accounting firm in Toronto. I provide audit and business advisory services to clients such as government agencies, not-for-profit organizations as well as private sector owner-managed businesses. I understand the governance process of non-profit entities and a significant amount of my time is spent communicating with committees and Board of Directors. As a result, I will bring strong financial oversight as a member of those charged with governance. During my teenage years, I received a lot of support and mentoring from organizations just like CAFCAN which has allowed me to reach my full potential. In this role as a Board member, I hope to support CAFCAN in its mandate to help the younger generation the same way other organizations have done for me.”

Cynthia Kwakyewah – Executive Secretary

Cynthia Kwakyewah is a master’s student at York University with academic interests in sustainable development, business ethics, issues of social justice, youth civic engagement and female empowerment. As a member of the African-Canadian community, she is very keen on giving back and has consequently worked with community organizations such as Action for Neighborhood Change, Connecting Paths Canada and the Ghanaian Students’ Association. In addition to volunteering with community-based organizations, Cynthia has worked with youth in community-university research projects. For instance, as a Youth Researcher in the Engaging Girls, Changing Communities (EGCC) Project, she conducted peer-interviews with other young women on girl’s leadership and civic activities. Towards the end of the project, Cynthia helped pilot youth action initiatives that encouraged young women to re-define leadership and engage in community life in their own terms.

Shawnee Hardware – Director At Large

Shawnee Hardware completed her PhD York University whose research interests include English learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, student engagement and youth community engagement. She holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies specializing in Language and Literacies Studies from Memorial University of Newfoundland. In additional to her academic pursuits, she also has varied English language teaching experiences in Jamaica, Japan and Canada.

Sipho Kwaku – Director At Large

Sipho Kwaku brings to CAFCAN great non-for-profit experiences and will be a an asset to CAFCAN Board of Directors, sipho joined WoodGreen Community Services in 2002 as Director of Homelessness & Housing Help and Mental Health & Developmental Services in 2004, sipho was appointed Director of Employment Services in 2008 to present.
In 1998, sipho was initiated through the NROPI Rite of Passage Process, facilitated by Paul Hill Jr. in 2007 sipho, introduced Rights of Passage into the programming components at WoodGreen Community Services. Since then the program process and has gained international praise for its success in engaging young people of Afrikan descent as active builders of their community. sipho has a passion for community building and volunteers with numerous local organizations sipho will be a great asset to CAFCAN.

sipho has great passion for community building and volunteered with numerous local organizations.
sipho is also active in international development projects; key among them is his volunteer work in Tanzania, East Africa from 1999 to 2001 with CUSO, Ghana, West Africa, and with Yensomu Youth and Community Development. sipho was educated and trained in the United States and Canada in Community Economic Development. sipho holds a M.Sc. in Community Economic Development, and a B.Sc. in science.