The Inaugural Board Of Directors

Kemi Jacobs – Chair

Kemi attended the first orientation meeting of CAFCAN and she immediately stood out as a leader. Her submission of application and CV were among the documents supported that fact. She has the change management experience, which has served CAFCAN well as chair in leading the new board of directors that have guided CAFCAN thus far. Of great strategic importance, was the fact that she had no prior JCA legacy experience which could have overshadowed some of the decisions made for CAFCAN. She is very culturally invested and excited to help CAFCAN be successful. Kemi has worked as an Executive Director in social services, hence understand the requirements of funders for accountability, reporting and meeting project requirements. She was also a director at Toronto Community Housing, where she managed a very large staff compliment. Kemi’s management, strategic planning, programming and communications experience represent tremendous assets to CAFCAN. She is very engaged in the community and understands what the social services needs are. Her management experience will be useful in supporting the board of directors and overseeing the operations of CAFCAN.

Ciann Wilson – Vice Chair

Ciann Wilson is of Afro-, Indo- and Euro- Jamaican ancestry. She has over a decade of experience working within African, Caribbean and Black communities across the Greater Toronto Area first as a youth programmer and now as a health researcher. Ciann is an Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University where her areas of interest build off her community-engaged work to include critical race theory, anti-/de-colonial theory, African Diasporic and Indigenous community health, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive wellbeing and community-based research. Her body of work aims to utilize research as an avenue for;
1. Sharing the stories and realities of African Diasporic and Indigenous Peoples
2. Improving the health and wellbeing of these communities.

Maureen Henry – Secretary

Maureen Henry is a passionate community activist, who has demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges and imperatives for the target community and will be an immense asset to the CAFCAN board. Maureen Henry is currently an Employment Counsellor with Community Microskills Development Centre a Non- Profit Agency and also a past board member at that organization for over 15 years. Maureen Henry previously worked at Citi Financial Services for 15 years where she was a Loan and Mortgage Officer. She brings to CAFCAN an understanding of board functions, significant experience in a prominent social services environment and extensive skills in capacity building and development. She also has volunteered at various organizations including COSTI and Opportunity for Advancement. Maureen is very personable and identifies well with a key demographic of CAFCAN’s target constituency. She has served in different roles on several boards and has experience working on proposals and managing fundraising initiatives. Maureen is skilled in communication technology and has the word processing and business environment competences to serve the CAFCAN Board.

Diane Davy – Treasurer

Diane Davy brings to the board extensive professional experience in the field of Management Accounting and Bookkeeping. Her wealth of experience and familiarity with the financial environment will be very helpful in providing financial oversight for the operations of CAFCAN. As a Certified General Accountant, her training would have involved knowledge of the principles of organizational behavior, which would be applicable to the administration of a Social Service Organization such as CAFCAN. She is highly motivated and brings international perspective, having lived in the UK for many years before migrating to Canada. She has done Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Financial Planning for NFPs, and is competent in many accounting systems and software. Diane has trained accounting managers and has a strong work ethic. Her personality appeals as a good team participant with a genuine interest in the community. This is a very welcome trait that will be in the best interest of CAFCAN.

Shawnee Hardware – Director At Large

Shawnee Hardware is a Jamaican by birth but considers herself a global citizen. Presently a first year Ph.D student at York University, her research interest is in language and culture. It is her aspiration to assist in the development of a more socially just language curriculum in Jamaica. She also hopes to promote more culturally responsive and empowering language policy for ESL immigrants in the Jane and Finch area.