Employment Services

We provide free employment services for both Employers and Job Seekers;


  • Pre-screen candidates and resumes for you.
  • Connect you with the right talent forĀ FREE
  • Increase your exposure to a greater number of qualified, skilled people who are ready to work
  • Save your time and resources from costly ineffective hires
  • Provide access to various financial incentives
  • Provide access to Canada – Ontario job Grant
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Continue to work with you after the hire

Job Seeker

  • Connection to employers and Job Placement services
  • One-on-One employment counselling and career planning
  • Resume assistance and Job Search workshops
  • Access to Training and Apprenticeship and Trades
  • Access our Employment Resource Centre and it’s Free resources
  • On-site job fairs and employer info. sessions