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Caribbean African Canadian Social Services


CAFCAN is a registered charitable organization whose primary focus is on building and strengthening the service framework for African Canadian children, youth and families through culturally safe individual and group counselling supports, case management services, employment services, youth mentorship, and youth outreach programs.

CAFCAN Social Services Inc., an incorporated not-for-profit, full-fledged Social Services Agency is dedicated to supporting individuals, families and youth to reach their full potential.

It was officially incorporated in 2015 but was formerly The Social Services arm of the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) and therefore has a twenty-five year legacy of supporting families, youth and individuals in Toronto.

In order to ensure the needs of the community can be adequately met, JCA separated its social services from its membership services and the result is CAFCAN.

CAFCAN’S 5th ANNIVERSARY – 05/14/2019 Click to Watch Video

Who We Help ?

Mental Health
We help young children

We provide culturally specific programs that address the behavioural and emotional needs of children as they strive to develop a positive attitude towards school and their community. These programs also offer support to parents, who may need guidance in managing their child’s social and interpersonal development.

Our current children’s programs are:

  • Leaders in Partnership (L.I.P.) Program
  • Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Program
  • Kambi Ya Watoto Summer Camp
  • Individual Counselling

During the past fiscal year these programs helped over 200 children.

We help Youth

We offer culturally sensitive programs to assist young men and women ages 16-24 to successfully transition from their involvement with the Justice System to a meaningful family and community life. We also offer support through everyday transitions and stresses.

Our current youth programs are:

During the past fiscal year these programs had over 18,000 youth contacts.

We help Families

Our family programs are designed to assist children, youth and families experiencing conflict and / or stressful transitions to develop improved interpersonal and communication skills as well as better coping strategies.

Our current family programs are:

  • Parenting Program
  • Supporting Family Connections Program
  • Kuponya Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • ‘Express yourself’ / Anger Management Program
  • Individual and Family Counselling

During the past Fiscal year these programs helped over 260 family members

We help Job Seekers

As mandated through Employment Ontario, we assist clients with their job search by doing an assessment to determine what level of service we must provide if they assisted or unassisted and to help them with a plan of action to get through the process. We also realized that in order to find a way to satisfy our funder and the community at the same time.

Our Mission

CAFCAN provides culturally appropriate social services that enrich the lives of the African, Caribbean and Diaspora (ACD) communities in the Greater Toronto Area. ​

Our Vision

To be a leader and a hub in providing client-centered social services that promote the overall wellbeing Of the Caribbean, African and Diaspora communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

CAFCAN`s logo embodies diversity, effervescence and the strength of CAFCAN`s clienteles. As the brainchild of the Jamaican Canadian Association Social Services (JCA), CAFCAN continues its connection with Jamaican Canadian by adopting the Jamaican colours of the flag and colours of the Diaspora.

In its first letter – the biggest letter of its logo. This does not mean that CAFCAN minimizes its service to other ethnicities. Its commitment to these ethnicities is demonstrated by its use of capital letters in the logo.

Moreover, the colours used in the logo have SIGNIFICANCE which extends beyond artistic appeal.

Black symbolizes power, strength and resilience.

Green embodies growth, renewal, harmony and balance.

Yellow is associated with creativity, optimism, enlightenment and happiness.

Red signifies energy, passion and action.

The curved line in the logo also has meaning. By connecting the letters that represents CAFCAN`s Caribbean, African Diaspora and Canadian clienteles, the line shows CAFCAN`s desire to create a fluidity and harmony between these three groups, hence intercultural understanding.

Finally, CAFCAN`s dedication to intercultural understanding is highlighted by the use of the two black hands which cup, support and shield the ethnically, religiously, linguistically and socially diverse people that CAFCAN serves.