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Caribbean African Canadian Social Services

As mandated through Employment Ontario, we assist clients with their job search by doing an assessment to determine what level of service we must provide if they are assisted or unassisted and to help them with a plan of action to get through the process.

Unemployed individuals receive access to services that support them in their job search.  Clients gain access to resource and information services that range from employment counselling, job placements, training supports including certification workshops such as SmartServe, Food Handlers, and WHMIS.  Clients are assessed to determine what level of service they require and are assisted with developing a plan of action.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Employers who wish to purchase training for their workforce receive direct financial support through this grant. Employers select the person they would like to have trained and who meets the workforce development needs.  This grant provides employers with the opportunity to give back to the workforce.



Our FREE Employment Service will:

  • Pre-screen candidates and resumes for you
  • Connect you with the right talent
  • Increase your exposure to a greater number of qualified, skilled people who are ready to work
  • Save you time and resources from costly ineffective hires
  • Provide access to Canada-Ontario Job Grant
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Continue to work with you after the hire

CAFCAN Social Services Inc.

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Tel: 416 – 740 – 1056
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We Can Help! We Provide Job Seekers with Free:

  • Connection to employers and Job Placement services
  • One-on-One employment counselling and career planning
  • Resume assistance and Job search Workshops
  • Access to training and Apprenticeship and Trades
  • Access our Employment Resource Centre and its free resources
  • On-site job fairs and employer info

Many other services to get you back on track

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